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Are you looking for experts who can replace your old roof or install a new one for your property? Look no further than Tucquan Hollow Builders LLC. We accept both residential and agricultural projects. Get a 29-gauge roof with a 40-year paint WARRANTY. We only install a metal roof that can withstand any weather condition. Just call (717) 945-4160 today or use our convenient contact form!

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Advantages of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are one of the best upgrades you can make for your home. There are many reasons to upgrade to a metal roof from shingles. In most cases, a normal roof can serve its purpose, but the longer you stay at your home without moving or repairing your roof the more likely it is to develop problems. Leaks, cracks, and other kinds of issues caused from roof damage can develop into thousands quickly, as your roof protects everything you own.

Why You Need a Metal Roof

As we said, there are many reasons to upgrade to a metal roof . Many of them have to do with the longevity of the home you are staying in. The average shingle roof will only last about 15 years before it starts to develop noticeable problems for you and your family. A metal roof instead can last generations to come making the investment worthwhile in the long run.

Get A Metal Roof Today

As you can see, metal roofs truly are a worthy investment to look into. Their dependability is second to none in roofing, and if you don’t take full advantage of it, your kids might. With a 50-year lifespan as the minimum, a metal roof can last generations without needing to undergo costly repairs.

There’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to metal roofs. They truly are the end-all be-all of the roofing world. Invest in a metal roof today. Metal roofs will remain protected against the harshest of climates, as their unique characteristics maintain a useful interior.

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