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Are you looking to add a new garage barn to your property? Call on the custom garage builders at Tucquan Hollow Builders plan your project. We are an experienced team that can help you build a wide variety of garage barns like stone, wood, brick, and cement. Because of our custom garage builders vast knowledge in the construction of barns, you can trust that your new structure will be built to last. Interested in adding a new garage barn to your home, contact our custom garage builders today to claim your free estimate!

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Upgrade Your Property Overnight With our Selection of Barn Style Garages

One of the benefits of getting a barn style garage from Tucquan Hollow Builders is that we work quickly, so you can get your pole barn garage in no time. Because pole barn garages are not stick-frame, they can be built quickly with less materials, saving you time and money. Whether you want to use your new barn style garage for storing livestock, equipment, or tools, we can build you a pole barn garage to withstand decades of wear and tear. Our custom barn style garage builders make it our mission to meet with all our clients before beginning construction so you can get the pole barn garage you’ve envisioned. If you’re interested in our pole barn garage services, fill out an online form to easily get in touch with our team today!

Types of Amish-Built Garages We Build

What you you want your Amish-built garage to be made of? Our garage contractors can work with wood, brick, stone, or cement! At Tucquan Hollwow builders, the garage contractors are equipped with decades of experience in attached, detached, or even two story Amish built garages. Not sure what type of garage is best for you? Evaluate the pros of each of our Amish-built garages below:

  • Brick and Stone Sided Garages: These garage styles are great if you need a smaller garage for storing cars and minimal equipment. In addition, stone and brick siding comes in a variety of colors and styles so you can match your current home.
  • Wood Garages: Because of their natural aesthetic, wood garages blend into surroundings making your Amish built garage look like it was always there.
  • Cement Garage: With the proper installation from our custom garage builders, your cement garage can last for years to come. Conditions like cold weather or moisture won’t effect the cement, which means your Amish-built garage can last even longer.

At Tucquan Hollow Builders, we train our team to be capable of installing each of the garage styles. All our custom Amish built garages are able to last for decades to come. Additionally, with our fast-working garage contractors, you’ll be able to enjoy your new space in a matter of weeks.

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Choose a Trusted Custom Garage Barn Builder Near You

When it comes to custom garage builders in Lancaster, PA, the only team to call is Tucquan Hollow Builders. With our great attention to detail, fair pricing, and fast turnaround time, your garage barn will exceed all of your expectations. If you need to use your garage barn for storage, keep vehicles safe from inclement weather, or even house livestock, we can create a structure that is perfect for you. Get started by reaching out to our custom garage builders in Lancaster, PA today!

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